Food that will make your penis bigger

If you improve your penis in a healthy and safe way, it is important to eat good food for your penis. In this article I introduce foods containing vitamins and minerals effective to improve penis.


Bananas are rich in glucose. Since glucose has excellent absorbability, it is converted to energy immediately.
Banana is low in calories, so you can take it without worrying about weight.

Because vitamin C is also contained, it has antioxidant action and fatigue recovery effect.It is more likely to be absorbed by ingesting it with yogurt.


The red pigment of tomato is a component called carotenoid lycopene. Among carotenoids, it is particularly excellent in antioxidant activity, and it has 1000 times more antioxidant action than vitamin E.

The condition of ED can improve by having a habit of eating tomatoes because the blood in the body is ready to oxidize.


Among nuts, almonds are rich in nutrition and are the best food for improving penis. Because it contains vitamin E with antioxidant action, it protects the body from oxidation.


Ginger contains abundant manganese to promote metabolism. The blood circulation of the penis improves so that metabolism is promoted, so you can raise it hard.

In addition, ginger contains ingredients called gingerol, it promotes blood circulation and circulates blood to every corner of the body.


Maka is a food with a very strong power to improve penis.

Maka is a food that has been loved as a nutritious food with the work of restoring the disorder of the body from the ancient times to the people living in the highlands of the Andes of South America.

It contains essential amino acids, vitamins, iron and calcium in a well-balanced manner, making it ideal for those who want to regain the function of the penis adequately.

6.Pumpkin seed

Chia seeds, basil seeds and flux seeds are famous as seeds belonging to the seeds, but pumpkin seeds are also ideal for men who have troubles with penis with high nutritional value.

Because it contains oleic acid which is an unsaturated fatty acid, it has a function to prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension.